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You work hard every day to provide for your family and that hard work maintains the lifestyle you enjoy in Lowell, MA. But what if you weren’t there? Who would take care of your family then? Life insurance policies provide for the financial security of a dependent in the event that a primary provider is terminally ill or has passed away. When the policyholder passes away, a designated beneficiary will receive a lump sum death benefit. Quality life insurance policies can be obtained at an affordable rate, and some policies build cash value for the people who hold them. Michael Conway Insurance can match a life insurance policy to your needs that will ensure that your loved ones are protected in the event of your death. With over 30 years serving Lowell, MA, we’re confident that we can help you get properly insured with the right life insurance.
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Benefits of Life Insurance Coverage

Put Michael Conway Insurance’s experience to work for you. In our third decade of serving Lowell, MA residents, we can explain all the benefits of carrying life insurance coverage. Any cash value that a policy accrues over time may be borrowed at any time. Furthermore, this money accrues in policy tax-free until it is taken out. When it's taken out, it is taxed at an individual's ordinary tax rate. As life insurance is an asset that is transferable upon death, the beneficiary only needs to show ID and the death certificate to get his or her cash. There is no need to go through probate, which can take weeks or months to complete.
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