Business Insurance Coverage in Lowell, MA

Business insurance coverage is an option that protects a company from financial loss if a customer or client pursues and wins a judgment against the company. It also provides financial protection if an office building or home office is damaged. In some cases, general liability and property damage coverage are bundled into one policy called a business owner's policy. Professional liability coverage may help dentists, lawyers or other professionals cover legal fees if they are sued or if a client refuses to pay for services rendered.
Business Owner insuring his business with business insurance in Lowell, MA

Benefits to Business Insurance Coverage

Business insurance can help a sole proprietor avoid losing his or her personal assets due to a judgement related to his or her business. Many lawyers and other professionals operate as partnerships or single-member LLCs, which may have some of the same liability risks that sole proprietors have. Although some lawsuits against a company are frivolous or without merit, it still takes time and money to defend against those claims. Therefore, quality professional insurance can prevent an individual from losing his or her livelihood due to legal costs.
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