Auto Insurance - Copy Original in Lowell, MA

Drivers must meet minimum auto insurance requirements to legally drive a car, truck, or SUV on the road. If a driver causes an accident, his or her liability coverage will pay for damage done to another vehicle or to help treat anyone who was hurt in the crash. If an individual dies in a car crash, liability coverage may also help pay for the funeral. Comprehensive insurance is optional and will pay for any damage caused to a vehicle by a natural event or if another driver leaves the scene of a crash.
Couple insured by auto insurance in Lowell, MA

Benefits of Auto Insurance Coverage

Drivers who have auto insurance limit their financial exposure after an accident occurs. Without insurance, a driver who is at-fault for a crash could face thousands of dollars in damages. This could result in an individual losing his or her home or other valuable property to compensate a crash victim. Those who have comprehensive or collision insurance have the security that comes with knowing that they are protected if their vehicle is damaged in a storm or involved in an accident that was their fault.
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